GMGSO 2019 News Flash

fundraising-icon-e1526669243117GMGSO has started our 2019 Fundraising Events!

  • Obstacle Course open gym challenge fun!  Saturday – May 4th 1:00pm – 2:00pm  unnamed(packets sent home with gymnasts)
  • Spring leo/gear/equipment resale event. Starting week of May 13th
  • GMG colored Pura Vida bracelets, limited quantities left!
  • 2019 4th Annual Golf Tourney, FALL details TBD

If you are not receiving GMGSO related emails and notices pertaining to your team gymnast and family, please let us know.


Mark your calendar for these events you don’t want to miss.

June 4th JO Banquet – Doubletree by Hilton, Gilbert AZ 

June 10-13th Week 1 Summer Camp Compulsory  

June 17-20th Week 2 Summer Camp Optionals

Team & family Pool Party 2019 – TBD



GMGSO 2018 3rd Annual Golf Tournament

2018 3rdAnnualGMGSOGolfTournament_logo2018-golf-tournament-website-info_page_1.jpg                  For more information please see the Golf Tournament page!

GMGSO Board Elections and Golf Tournament Announcement

From: Tim Walker
Date: Tue, Jun 19, 2018 at 9:09 PM
Subject: GMGSO Board Elections and Golf Tournament Announcement

Hello GMGSO Parent-Members,

In preparation for our upcoming 2018-19 JO season, the GMGSO Board recently completed the election process for eligible positions. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our new GMGSO Board members:

  • Vice President – Freddy Sanchez
  • Fundraising Representatives – Karen Evans and Karen Trone
  • Optional Representative – Denise Hodge
  • Compulsory Representative – Sally Moore
  • Social Media Lead – Monica Williams

Please join me in congratulating our new Board members!

Returning Board members include:

  • Secretary – Jennifer Dickinson
  • Treasurer – Shannon Fritz
  • Social Coordinator – Monica Martinez
  • Tim Walker – President

I would also like to take this opportunity to recognize our exiting Board members for their excellent service over the last couple of years. A big thank you to:

  • Margo Ingram – Vice President
  • Jennifer Miller and Michelle Walker – Fundraising Representatives
  • Stephanie Kuperschmid and Angela Sandnas – Optional Representatives
  • Suzanne Schultz and Karen Trone – Compulsory Representatives

One last thing:

Save the date for the Third Annual GMGSO Golf Fundraiser. The tournament is scheduled for Saturday, September 22 with a 1:00pm tee time at the Ocotillo Golf Resort in Chandler. Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

Thank you,

Tim Walker, GMGSO President

Important – GMGSO Financial Information

From: Tim Walker
Date: Thu, Jun 7, 2018 at 8:40 PM
Subject: Important – GMGSO Financial Information

Hello GMGSO Parent-Members,


The GMGSO is happy to report that a credit will be coming back to all eligible families that will be applied to your 2018-19 gym expenses. This year the GMGSO will provide a total credit of $22,225.00 to 127 eligible families. That means a total of $175 will be credited to each eligible family, per gymnast.


$100 will be credited towards your GMG Team fee, per gymnast.


$75 will be credited to cover your annual GMGSO Membership Fee, per gymnast. The fee covers the following items:

  • $30 to cover one Awards Banquet ticket.
  • $15 to cover Holiday Party expenses.
  • $15 to cover Team Bonding expenses.
  • $10 to cover Pool Party expenses.
  • $5 to cover Incidental Team expenses (team bows, etc.)


We would not be able to make this happen without our volunteer’s work and fundraising efforts throughout the year. Thank you all for your efforts!


As the GMGSO Board had been finalizing our financials for the 2017-18 season, we have received many inquiries regarding a credit. Please remember that any credit provided is not a guarantee each year. Providing a credit is only possible if there are funds leftover –  after covering all expenses incurred during the preceding season and retaining a minimum amount in the GMGSO general operating fund. During the 2017-18 season we experienced a combination of decreased revenues from GMGSO sponsored events and increased expenditures for activities included in the GMGSO’s charter, resulting in less funds leftover for a credit. Some examples of this are:


  • Less sessions in the Extravaganza and AZ Grand meets – resulting in lower revenue.
  • Increased travel expenses for coaches to attend post-season events, such as State, Regional, Western and National meets, participation in TOPs development events. As our gym continues to mature, we are experiencing higher numbers of gymnasts competing at Optional levels where Regional, Western and National competitions become more likely. Which is good news! In 2017-18 we had record numbers participating during the post-season. However, this also means travel expenses covered by the GMGSO also experienced record numbers.


The GMGSO has fielded a number of questions regarding volunteer work during the season. This could include volunteering to work GMGSO sponsored meets, such as the Extravaganza and AZ Grand, or volunteering to help with GMGSO sponsored fundraising efforts. Please know that your volunteer work is greatly appreciated and is critical for providing our gymnasts with the best possible experience. Your volunteer work is an “in-kind” contribution that results in GMGSO sponsored events being a great success. For example, the overwhelmingly positive feedback that Amanda and Brad receive regarding the quality of the Extravaganza and AZ Grand meets is a direct result of our GMGSO volunteer’s work.


Keeping your minimum GMGSO parent-member commitment of volunteering to work at GMGSO-sponsored events (2 sessions at the AZ Grand + one additional volunteer session) contributes to the high-quality reputation that those events have. However, it does not guarantee a year-end credit if there are no leftover funds at the end of a fiscal year.


Volunteering to help with GMGSO fundraising efforts, such as the annual golf tournament, or selling football or hoops mania tickets, or contributing raffle baskets for meets, go directly to helping offset expenses and can have the greatest impact toward generating a larger credit at the end of season. Our mission is not to increase the amount of fundraising activities we have, but to maximize the ones we already have. In most cases, we have hardly scratched the surface of these opportunities (Last year we only had 20% participation in GMGSO fundraising efforts.)


In closing, the GMGSO Board thanks all of our parent-members for their continued support toward providing our gymnasts with the best possible experience. Please know that you are always welcome to attend our monthly meetings – where we share information about on-going GMGSO activities, as well as monthly financial information. We recently updated our email list to ensure you are receiving regular communications and we are committed to improving communications throughout the upcoming season.


If you have any questions, or would like further clarification on any GMGSO matters, I invite you to email them directly to me at


Thank you,


Tim Walker

GMGSO President


GMGSO Election Time!

From: Tim Walker
Date: June 2, 2018 at 11:50:16 AM MST
Subject: GMGSO Election Time!Dear GMGSO members, 

Elections for open board positions will be held at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, June 11, 2018 during the regularly scheduled board meeting.  Please consider running for:


Vice President:

A 2-year position, that is responsible for maintaining membership rosters, including records of required volunteer sessions worked by each GMGSO family, tracking GMGSO membership additions and deletions, payments and dues, chair committees on special subjects, as designated by the Executive Board, and is also responsible for performing the duties of the President as-needed.


Fundraising Leader(s):

A 2-year position, that is the head of fundraising committees and is responsible for overseeing, and working with, individual fundraising chairs for all fundraisers conducted by the GMGSO.



A 2-year position, that is responsible for keeping records of Executive Board actions, including overseeing the taking of minutes at all meetings, sending out meeting announcements, providing copies of minutes and meeting agendas. The secretary is also responsible for maintaining GMGSO records.

Optional Representative:

A 1-year position, that is the head of the Optional Level Committee (6-Elite), and is responsible for ensuring that each level representative has all information pertaining to their respective level.


Compulsory Representative​:

A 1-year position, that is the head of the Compulsory Level Committee (2-5), and is responsible for ensuring that each level representative has all information pertaining to their respective level.


Social Media Leader:

This is a new 2-year position that is responsible for improving GMGSO communication, through the use of various social media methods, to include maintenance of the website, FB page, and other methods, as decided by the executive board.


Fill out the GMGSO Election Form 2018 with your information and drop it off at the front desk.  They will put it in the GMGSO mailbox.


Keep in mind that even if you don’t run for a position, we invite all GMGSO members to come and vote!


See you on Monday, June 11, 2018 at 5:00 p.m.




Tim Walker

GMGSO President


It’s time for the Used Gym Gear Sale (aka Used Leo Sale)!

From: M Walker
Date: Fri, Apr 27, 2018 at 8:34 PM
Subject: It’s time for the Used Gym Gear Sale (aka Used Leo Sale)!


Our “Spring Used Leo/Gym Gear Sale”

is coming up in May!

As always, 70% of the price of each item 

you sell will be paid in cash to you!

We will be collecting items you wish to sell between 

Monday 4/30 and Monday 5/7.


Acceptable items for sale include: (freshly laundered and with no stains)


Gymnastics Shorts

Sports Bras

Gold Medal Gymnastics Clothing (tees, tanks, sweatshirts, jackets etc.)

Grip Bags

Large Home Equipment (please see info below for specific instructions regarding these items)

Also, these other items (of limited brands) will be accepted as well:

(GK, Nike, Lululemon/Ivivva, Athleta, Under Armour, Zella, Klickz)


Workout Tanks


PLEASE PRINT AND COMPLETE BOTH of the following documents

AND include them with your sale items in a bag marked with the name JEN MILLER.

(Documents are attached to this email)

  1. USED GEAR CONTRACT (Includes agreement to terms of sale and information on eligible items for selling, pricing, disbursement of monies, and collection dates.)
  2.  ITEMS FOR SALE (Form to itemize and describe items you are selling. Print and complete as many as needed to list all items.)

~~~Questions about donations? Have something in mind that is not on the list? 

Please email Jen Miller and Michelle Walker at


We will also have an area to display flyers for large equipment items—but, unfortunately we will not have room to display the equipment at the sale, so please leave the actual items at home until a buyer contacts you.

To sell this type of equipment please:

  • Create an 8.5”x11” flyer with a description and picture of the equipment, the price of the item(s), and your contact information.
  • Put the flyer in an envelope marked with the name JEN MILLER and turn it into the Used Gym Gear collection bin at the front desk of the Chandler gym.

**These large equipment sales will be exclusively between the buyer and the seller,

with payment and delivery arranged directly between the two.

Thank you for your participation and support!!  

This sale is hosted by the parents of Gold Medal Gymnastics and

30% of the price of each item sold will be donated to the GMGSO General Fund.


Used Gym Gear–Items for Sale 2018


Monthly GMGSO Meeting – Monday, March 26th at 5:00 pm

From: Jen Dickinson
Date: Mon, Mar 26, 2018 at 8:13 AM
Subject: Monthly GMGSO meeting tonight @ 5:00

Please join us tonight for our monthly GMGSO meeting @5:00pm. Thank you for your support.

Jen Dickinson